It probably looks like ass as you're viewing it right now!
That's because I'm building this website entirely by hand. I considered building this website with some kind of CSS framework, as I normally would (please don't consider my hireability based on what you see here), but decided that I wanted to embrace the spirit of Neocities by basically doing everything by hand with love. This may include some very loving HORRIBLE decisions, including but not limited to poor font choices, poor spacing choices, poor color choices, poor general style choices, poor content choices, poor life choices, and poor choices of what to eat for dinner.
I'm also doing this because I want to experiment with rejecting those design frameworks and going rogue! One reason to do this is that when you get used to something being the standard, completely throwing it away can help you understand why that standard exists. Another arguably good reason to do this is the hubristic thought that maybe I'll discover some unique design that I like. Worst case scenario I'll make something that looks like trash and we'll all be unhappy. You're welcome.
I may not be able to keep to it completely, but my goal is to essentially leave this site in whatever state of disrepair it was in the last time I was working in it. Yes, whatever you're looking at now is (hopefully, if I kept my word) essentially a construction site. This is also, I think, in keeping with the philosophy of the old web standards that Neocities is promoting. It also goes to show that, if you get anything you enjoy out of this website, everything doesn't need to be an overdesigned, polished smooth piece of flawless art to be worthwhile. Maybe this website looks and works like complete trash but there's something here that speaks to you in literally any capacity. If so, I think I've proved my point.
But I'm not doing it just to prove a point! I'm also doing it because I have nothing better to do and I feel like it. Which is about as good of a reason to do anything as there ever was, I've decided.
Welcome to my website!